It is a series of fine art composite photographs created using in-camera multiple exposure. Combining portraiture and nudes with still-life visuals. Each visual has own story, composition, intensity. Blending two separate imaged into a single one, combining two different stories allow to create a different meaning. The message is not direct, the viewer has to look into details, peel the layers, discover.

Subjects matter are a person, face, body, skin texture and flowers. Flowers are the pure, innocent, beautiful creatures of nature. They have many powerful meanings in our culture. People express their feelings and emotions giving them to each other. Human-flower-human interaction always has a symbolic meaning. For example in literature, Shakespeare's Ophelia communicates her message with rue.

10 stories about love. Each person experiences and expresses it in his own unique way. It's a conglomerate of emotions. Fear, innocence, frustration, passion, hope, punishment etc – they are all side effects of feeling love.