Fedya Ili b. 1980 in USSR. Based in Berlin. 
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Fedya Ili is a photographer, artist, art director. Cosmopolite (lived in Moscow, Paris, Munich, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Thailand, Kiev, Lisbon, Saint Petersburg). Eighteen years experience in art-direction of glossy magazines and web, interior, graphic design, brought him in 2012 to the decision — devote myself to figurative art (fine art and photography) that was a changing point in his life. Exploring people’s emotions in relations, studying and understanding these as part of human nature is the main issue of art. Learning from Leonardo’s human body studies to Caravaggio’s and Rodin’s physical and emotional human state and character, to Mapplethorpe’s sexuality research, he is developing these cases further.


• White Love (group show), The Ballery, Berlin, 2017
• Naked Petersburg, Benicassim Pride (Spain), 2016
• Naked Petersburg, Galerie Mooiman (The Netherlands), 2016
• SKIN (group show), The Ballery, Berlin, 2016
• My gay eye (group show), The Ballery, Berlin, 2015
• DoubleVision (group show), New York, 2015
• TrashEra (group show), Berlin, 2015
• 12 Meses de Buenos Aires, Flux, Buenos Aires, 2014
• BODY SEX (group show), Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, 2014

Works in private collections in New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Chicago, Bangkok, Rio-de-Janeiro, Buenos Aires, San Remo, Munich, Cologne, Riga, Minsk, Kiev, Kazan, Los Angeles and Moscow. 



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